I got a peaceful, easy feeling.

As well as two (count them) rather contagious germs, each of different sorts. What are those, you ask? Well, I went back to the doctor today, because my throat is attempting to swell itself shut and the misery is reminiscent of that week back at Bobby and Alisa’s…yup, I have strep. Woot. So on the drive home, phone rings again and the doctor says, oh, by the by, your other tests came back, and you have mono.

So I am currently trying to stay awake long enough to pack up some stuff so that I can go home to my parents tonight and sleep the day away tomorrow. Blah. I have a real knack for sickness at holidays…and mono? Really. Sometimes I really wonder about my life. I mean, there’s been a lot of stuff going on the last month or so, but this seems a little overboard. Anyway. All my loves to all my peoples.


5 thoughts on “I got a peaceful, easy feeling.

  1. Thanks for the warning… we’ve pretty much established that I can’t go anywhere near Maggie until it’s clear that I’m okay.

    This is hilarious… except for, y’know, the fact that you’ve already had malaria twice in the past 6 months.

  2. I blame the malaria. I was healthy as a cow until after Africa.

    Get better. And don’t spread that mono around. Love you. See you thursday.

  3. Even in sickness you’re an overachiever!!! Good grief. Bobby said welcome to 1st year teaching – all the petrie dishes sitting in class are out to infect you. Sorry you’re sick when there will be feasting – but at least you’ll see the family.

    And, as a Thanksgiving gift, I won’t even mention mono used to be called “the kissing disease”. (giggle)

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