learning, growing.

doing my homework. i have a lot of it. i’m giving an exam tomorrow morning…lucky little chilluns. i’m sure they really can’t wait. i caught up on my latin homework, but now i still need to do tomorrow’s. then i’m going to start in on the greek, although the assignment doesn’t look too bad. i think i have a presentation the week before thanksgiving too. so much to do, so little time….
my laundry is all over my floor. wow. i used to be such a neat person. one of the guys in my dept. told me that you should never do your homework in bed, because your body gets confused about where rest is vs. where work is. guess i’ll go confuse my body, then.


5 thoughts on “learning, growing.

  1. as I recall, it wasn’t always my half of the room that wasn’t neat. and your bed is totally the best place to do your homework. mostly cuz when you’re done you can just throw the books in the floor and roll over and sleep. much more time-efficient.

  2. Plus, studying in bed makes it really easy to just fall asleep from boredom. That’s what I do whenever I’m going through a period of insomnia.

    I hope the exam went well. I just had a Syriac midterm, and my brain feels about three sizes too large for my skull.

  3. your bed is supposed to be reserved for sleep and sex only.

    it’s my personal belief that plenty of both is crucial.

    dude, add me to your list of people that you read. please?

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