only give you everything i’ve got

there are times when you are so tired that you can feel all of the surface area of your eyes. funny part is that i got probably nine hours of sleep last night. tomorrow….homework and work all day!! woot!! today it snowed. or rather, sleewer stormed. there was lightning and thunder while snow was falling from the sky….thunder and snow. it was like the real perfect storm. hehehehe. crazy coral laughter. people at work are starting to do the whole crazy christmas thing. everything is red and gold and sparkly. i found my christmas cards today, and they have a photo of a happy penguin dancing on them…yay!!! i have to start out with some envelope addressing. yup. woot for that. my house is semi-clean. um…wish i had something deep or profound to say…guess you’ll have to read my sister’s blog for that. i want to go camping. sound a little weird? yup, to me too. i don’t normally think, ooh, days in the middle of nowhere. but it sounds nice to be out in the cold and have a fire and have everything smell like smoke and dirt and falling leaves. so crazy. think i’m losing what little mind i’ve got.
pray for rueben. pray for everyone over there. pray that God’s hand in that is as evident as His hand in the rest of my life these days. He is so good to us.


One thought on “only give you everything i’ve got

  1. you could come to kentucky to go camping. maybe we could even find a cave to go through :-) (preferably without a flashlight *grins*)

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