tired with joy

My brother is back on the field. Or really, as of now, he’s in Kuwait, but it won’t be long now. It was certainly wonderful to have him for a little while. We are certainly a blessed family. Really blessed. See picture to the right, wherein we are totally embarrassing my brother in Farm and Fleet. (Yeah, the coveralls are kind of a long story, as is the case with most K. family secrets.) Note the I’m not sure I want people to know that these are mine look on the oldest K. fledglings face. But no, seriously. My parents have been married for 26 years, they have raised 4 children to adulthood, 4 children who love the Lord. What more can a family ask? May I never forget what is really important here in this world is the hope we have for the next.


6 thoughts on “tired with joy

  1. coral you look hot.

    ya’ll look alike. of course, you are siblings. see how i figure stuff out?

    anyway, you might have taken a look at my xanga, and see i’ve moved to here, i think. so how can i subscribe or link to you, or whatever?

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