when heroes fall, in love or war…

So here’s a good reason not to adhere to an old custom.

“It continues also a custom at this very day for the bride not of herself to pass her husband’s threshold, but to be lifted over, in memory that the Sabine virgins were carried in by violence, and did not go in of their own will.” -Plutarch, Lives.

Reminds me of Africa, little girls running away from home to try to escape marriage to me ten or fifteen years their senior. To us, this seems a little far-fetched, I mean, if you don’t want to marry him, there is always recourse. But think of those little children…rape is a socially acceptable form of taking a bride. In fact, it’s kind of part of taking a bride. Sometimes I can’t believe how much people must suffer.

Alright. I’m going back to my essay that I’m attempting to write. All my loves.


One thought on “when heroes fall, in love or war…

  1. Thanks for the info. I didn’t have “The Wedding March” when I discovered its origin, I didn’t have the aisle runner because of its (benign) original purpose. Now I wish Bobby hadn’t carried me over the threshold!!

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