the laughter penetrates my silence…

So apparently I was quiet at work last night. I think that George told me three times that he was worried because I wasn’t laughing at all. (I did too, just not until later in the evening, when Rachel came by.) I don’t think that I’m much fun without my sense of humor.

Rachel stayed the night last night. Which of course meant that I was sleepy almost immediately. She and Maria have come to the conclusion that if someone else sleeps in my apartment, I sleep much better. I guess I hadn’t thought about it too carefully, but she’s probably right. Whenever the two of them come over I fade out a lot quicker. I think it’s just because of the comfort of knowing that there is another breathing human in the house.

And now I’m up early and headed towards my Aristophanes day-of-fun. I was too tired to email and organize the reading group properly yesterday…I hope someone baked something. Drat. Maybe I shouled whip something up before I go….


2 thoughts on “the laughter penetrates my silence…

  1. maybe you should get a breathing non-human to keep you company. it works for me. although you’d probably want to go more along the lines of rachel’s allergy-free egyptian hairless cat.

    aristophanes? hmph. maybe you should switch over to some petronius… then you could REALLY have a day-of-fun :D

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