gotta be more than hoping it’s right…

I think I may actually be addicted to the new Snow Patrol CD. I’m thinking of burning it for you, Alisa, because I think that it would be a good addition to your music collection, and I actually think that you will fall in love with them too…you can’t claim age as a factor for all our music. Just because we didn’t produce anyone like Dean Martin…(and I promise, it’s no “London London bridge” – hehe.)

Today I gave my students their quiz and told them that when they were finished they could go home. This made them much more friendly and talkative, until I actually handed them the quiz and they decided I was the TA from the dark place. I’m afraid I’m becoming ‘one of those’ TAs. Four of them stayed after the quiz anyway, to do homework for Monday and to ask questions about the material. Couldn’t tell with the two guys whether this was a ploy or not, but the two girls were mostly just freaking out after taking that quiz. Wonder if I should give them some extra credit to make it better.

Came home early. Missed lunch with Emily, didn’t actually remember until I was half-asleep and she texted. Whoops. She’s lovely, though, and didn’t mind at all.

This is a rather boring run-down on the life, isn’t it? Sorry. I found a paper topic today, while sitting in Lysistrata and having no idea what was really going on because I didn’t do the homework. So that’s a plus. And I think that next week should be a fun time with my students, with the test coming up and all. Crap, that means I have a meeting at 7:45 on MONDAY. My day to sleep till 7:30. *grumble grumble grumble*
Alright. Off to the job.


One thought on “gotta be more than hoping it’s right…

  1. I’m open to anything but Fergie and rap. Hey, I love Rob Thomas, I like Rhianna (she samples SO MUCH 80s stuff) and many other artists from YOUR age group. Just spare me London Bridge and “I’m In Love Wit a Hooker…” Ugh.

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