barefoot barely breathing

Cody left this morning, which was a mixed bag of emotions. (Like the “Autumn Mix” of candy corn now in the middle of my living room, the one that sadly does not contain parafin…) Last night was the first time in the visit that I remembered clearly why we are so close. (FYI: I am not referring to the part of the evening wherein he begged for the silly putty because “I just have to feel it.” That was just plain odd.) He left this morning a couple of minutes before I caught the bus to school, and it is now back to life as normal as it ever is.

And by normal, I mean that I am currently posting in the middle of taking a take-home exam. Which I didn’t study for AT ALL. Really. Sounds unbeleivable? Last night didn’t really afford a lot of Livy time, and I was slightly unwilling just bail to do homework. It isn’t that bad of a test. I just got bored of translating Latin and decided to shout out to my faithful readers. I.e. give you all something new to stare at when you are refreshing the page obsessively (you know you do.)

Kudos to the sister, by the by. You are my hero.
Also, Sarah, here is the link to the post you referenced in your recent post. I haven’t deleted it. Thanks for thinking that I am unpredictable. I mean, you work so hard to do things completely randomly, and you slave away, day after day, and you think no one is noticing how hard it is to take a new tack every minute, and you get discouraged and say to yourself, tomorrow, I am going to just repeat today, I’m going to be boring like everyone else, but you know you can’t, and you struggle through, a thankless, creatively draining job…and then someone like you comes along and says something charming like that. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “barefoot barely breathing

  1. Haha. The part about “I just have to feel you” was much more odd my dear.

    And I’m still disappointed that theres no parafin in candy corn.

    Oh sadness.

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