thoughts from a fevered mind.

I was thinking today about tic-tac girls. I’m sure that at least my sister knows what I mean – you know, girls who, if stuck in an elevator, would only be thinking about where their tic-tacs are. (For further reference, see chick flick A, You’ve Got Mail.) We always used to tell my brother that if he brought home a tic-tac girl, we’d let him (and her, knowing us and our charm and tact) know right away. So, (avoiding for now the fact that I nearly choked on a tic-tac earlier this week while talking on the phone) if you were stuck in an elevator (not if you were just traveling in the elevator, which at work is sort of a loaded situation), what would you do?
I think I would start by reciting the alphabet backwards. Melody and I used to have contests late at night when we were supposed to be asleep, reciting the alphabet backwards. Way back in the day, Melody’s bed in the old house had an alphabet chart hanging over it. Then, if I was there with someone else, I would make them name 3 songs that they were ashamed that they loved. Then I would probably (knowing me) start talking about food, because I can’t help it. Then I would push all the buttons on the wall, because I could. I would hug the person on the elevator who most looked like they needed it. I would consider what the elevator carpet would look like in my apartment…

This is what you get when your inner monologue hasn’t been properly socialized…why is KY time an hour ahead of me?! You can’t call people at what is essentially 12:30am….I’m still awake everyone…. still awake!!!! Someone call me, please.


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