work tonight.
j. and i were talking about something…yeah, i don’t remember what…and he said that if i wasn’t wearing glasses, he would deck me. (no, for those of you who don’t know him, which is all of you, he wasn’t serious.) anyway, i told him that it wouldn’t matter, if he tried that, most of the B-town employees would probably take him down out back after work. he looked at me and responded that it wouldn’t take them that long, that they would probably take him down immediately. can you imagine? a nice little brawl, right in our own cafe…
and i think t. is sick of me pointing out that they would never fire me. :-p


6 thoughts on “p.s.

  1. hahahahahaha!!!
    that cracks me up. alright. i got up latish and need to rush off to class followed by more homework than there are bugs in Ugandan rice. MMMMMmmm.

  2. dude, I could SO be your bouncer!! actually, my cousin is marrying a bouncer, so if you need any tips I’d be glad to hook you up.

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