joys of money spent

as in, pretty much all the money i’ve got. i love my parents for getting me gift cards which result in me looking fabulous for my stressful observation. i am a nervous ta already, (imagine coral on coffee…i can’t shut up, and i can’t focus, and i say all sorts of things i shouldn’t, and i later think through the classtime and cringe.) and having my prof in the back of the room making squinty faces doesn’t really make it better. anyway. the downside of looking fabulous is that my class is already half in love with me. :-/ had coffee with emily, which was lovely. am now going to do some serious homework so that i don’t have anything to do tomorrow night. hopefully. if i work a miracle, maybe. or maybe i’ll just go to class unprepared…
going to work tonight. will give p. an update on the minion status of my class. i have potentially 6 or 7, one of whom is particularly burly and will be great for rough weekend jobs. :-D


2 thoughts on “joys of money spent

  1. not going to comment. but just know there was one in my mind.

    did you make anyone drop their umbrella? because you know that’s when you’ve hit peak fabulousness.

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