bringing [fingernails] back.

I have stopped biting my fingernails. Again.
This is probably the fourth or fifth (serious) time that I have attempted this in my life. Apparently I have always been fixated on my hands, because there was quite the struggle when I was five to get me to stop sucking my fingers. Not my thumbs, mind you, my fingers. The first two on my left, and the middle two on my right hand. I believe that the end result was my parents bribing me with a Popple of the soccer ball variety. This later (somewhere in the middle school years) developed into a nail-biting habit. I never had nice nails anyway, you know, between the woods and dirt and ink and general childhood muck, so it didn’t seem like a big loss. The trouble came when I hit college and it began to be a stress thing that would result in bleeding fingernails. Not cool. So I have quit several times, but (in a way that is strikingly similar to smokers) when big stuff happens, the fingernails go. I guess you could say that the fact that I am managing to keep my nails intact is a good sign. Or it could just be that I have been wearing ridiculously bright nail polish all week and I’m so shamed by the tiny bit of nail I have to cover with bright green that I am not biting them simply out of judgment on myself.
At any rate, it’s working. For now….


One thought on “bringing [fingernails] back.

  1. It always amazed me that the one thing I managed to quit cold turkey out of sheer willpower was the nail-removal (I say removal rather than biting because of the way I would tear them off until they bled)… the lack of pain was enough to keep me from ripping them off on purpose.

    Why can’t caffeine be that easy for me?

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