these mishaps you bubble wrap

i feel kind of like the fog is lifting. the class is getting better, i’m realizing that the enthralled grins of the majority of the male sea of faces are probably not a bad thing, and today, when i made a joke about insomnia and the latin pronunciation guide on my professor’s website, there was actually a wave of laughter. (they thought it was funny!!)
and on top of that glorious news: my rent check is not going to bounce!! i made it by over $50!!!
as for the picture of the ears …. i don’t have a digital, and any one who saw the majority of my africa pics knows that any time i try to take pics of myself with my current camera, it ends up as a blurry grin. (appealing, yes, but not very handy.)

to leave you with just a snippet of my day:
“Die Zeitung leist die Frau.” (the woman reads the newspaper, or the newspaper reads the woman? so much confusion!)
“You are just an awkward person.” – Colleen.
“Coral is such a nice name, and then there’s a crazy polysyllabic eastern European Kravakawakowitz name to follow.” – Matt V.


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