sleeping is giving in.

doom doom doom. doomy doomy doom.
*insert picture of gir, who might actually be me in dog/robot form, dancing in circles round a spaceship here* you know i’m losing it when i search the web for pictures of cartoon characters to post in my middle of the night blog entries. actually, there should be a lot of signs that i’m losing it. tonight i actually had to leave the info desk twice to gain control of the laughter. i guess M. and i are friends again. i was nearly asleep on my feet more than once at work tonight, but here it is, nearly 3am and guess who’s still typing away. (and NO, i did not mean the helper monkey.) i miss asbury just a little these days. not curfew. or cafeteria food. but having bex down the hall. and parking illegally on the semi-circle, sometimes overnight. screaming in the courtyard in the rain. laughing on the green. laughing in cpo. laughing in the cafeteria. getting in trouble for throwing cookies at charlie. getting told for dancing on the cafeteria tables. making fun of the snow. skipping class and then running into prof. dickens. pretending to pay attention in hebrew while really doing greek homework. pretending to pay attention in greek while really doing latin homework. really paying attention in latin because i couldn’t get away with anything else. ghetto picnic (2nd ghetto, represent!!). waiting to get out of chapel. getting out of chapel early because your seat assignment was an end seat 4 semesters in a row (priceless!). the ark. getting cpo, sometimes five or six times a day (seriously freshmen, sometimes the cpo ladies forget to put stuff in your box and you’ll find new mail later. ;-)) i miss not being a grown-up. i miss the days before rent and trying to find time to buy groceries and bus schedules and work schedules and class schedules … but at the same time, i’m glad i’m done. yay for being close to my mum and dad, and melly and em. and on that nostalgic, saccharine (is that how you spell that?) note … nights, kids.


3 thoughts on “sleeping is giving in.

  1. mmm A Dance Gir on Coral’s page not Rachel’s! I thought I was loosing it! Their brains have indeed become one! Just wanted to say goodbye!! Give helper moneky a kiss for me!

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