The cookie crumbles but in whose hands

I don’t have homework till next week, suckers!!
(Course, I’ve been writing syllabus and working on lesson plannish things and studying ahead…)

But I don’t officially have homework for another 7 days.
7 days of freedom.
Woot. (to quote the littlest K., who is already back in class tomorrow.)

And now, I’m going back to the work land, where the coffee is hot, and the girls are hotter.
Don’t you wish your mocha was HOT like me?


3 thoughts on “The cookie crumbles but in whose hands

  1. Oh geez. I bet after the first few days, you’ll slide into teaching like you’ve been doing it for years. Seriously. My first semester Italian TA was visibly terrified for the first week (she kept bumping into things by accident and she was always blushing), but we all loved her anyway. And she was a great teacher. You will do just fine.

    (as a fellow easily-terrified person, I know the above paragraph probably won’t help at all, but I meant every word anyway)

    If you have time between now and Tuesday, do you want to get together and go out for coffee or something? My treat, since you’re always the one hostessing.

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