Remember, softly.

So I thought of what I meant to say last night.

Thirdly. I don’t know anyone else who is allergic to bandaid adhesive. So I had ringworm (really not a worm, but a fungus) and I was covering it while I killed it. (I killed it dead real good. It’s so dead that it has forgotten it ever breathed . . . wait, it was a fungus and it never breathed. Or something like that.) So I wore a bandaid for about a week, and the ringworm is RIP, but my arm is covered in a rash caused by the stupid bandaids. Seriously, what the hey is that? Why do I have the weirdest problems?

Alright, it’s really hot and I think maybe I should go to the library. Air conditioning!!!


One thought on “Remember, softly.

  1. I get non-latex bandaids to avoid the nasty bandaid-shaped rash that is caused by regular adhesive… it’s better that way- no perfect, but better.

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