Still got sand in my shoes.

Shoes. And my love affair with them. Mostly unrequited, that is.
Today I was contemplating my favorite clogs tonight at work, while reshelving Heideger and Hegel in Western Philosophy. I’m really sore, so I was sitting on the floor and contemplating the wear pattern on my treads. I love those shoes. They’re so comfortable. And I’ve had them for nearly a year. They’re all worn in.

A good pair of shoes is like a security blanket.

I think that if someone could develop something that would keep your neck cool without being wet . . . they would be rich. I know, air-conditioning would keep the whole body cool . . . but I don’t have that. I have cold water and a lot of ice cubes.

And once again, it’s 2am.


One thought on “Still got sand in my shoes.

  1. You could get a snake. Store him in the fridge, then wrap him around your neck once he’s cool enough. Or she. I’m not sexist.

    Oh my gosh. It’s 3:30, and I’m about as wound up and psychotic and incoherent as a drunk two-year-old. And of course, I come commenting on your blog.

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