how to save a life

I made bread tonight. I’m not sure it turned out. We’ll have to see when it comes out of the oven in a few minutes. It was pretty mushy . . . but then, isn’t that the correct consistency for bread dough? I also moved my refridgerator and washed underneath it with bleach. (I think I might be going crazy.) There was a millipede under there, but after those huge monstrousities in Africa….

So I never really intended to come back to xanga, but stuff changes. And till I get my blog with Africa pics up, here I is to stay a while.

Apparently I don’t have a whole lot to coherently say. Sorry. That’s the malaria and the exhaustion and the 8 hours of lattes that I made today. People and their coffee will drive you crazy. Alright kids. I’m going to sleep.


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