gladness and rejoicing.

do you ever feel like now, if any time, would be the ideal moment in your life to make some sort of joyous announcement to the world, some large statement about how you have turned a corner and suddenly are onto a new sort of path? okay, so granted, this is not that moment. i just was thinking today that next time such a situation comes up i should like to actually recognize it. i mean, i made up my mind about college when i first met the Greek language when I was fourteen, the decision about grad school before i finished my freshman year…next time i promise myself i will notice my new situations in life. i will be cautious not to rush past my next milestone.

this is all brought upon by the oddity of my dreaming a main thesis for hellenistic paper.
i went to sleep last night in a fevered worry about pseudo-theocritus and anacreontic 33 . . . and all night, i slept off and on, dreaming that i had written 8 pages . . . and woke up with a sudden thought about the paper.


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