These are a few

of my most violence-inducing things:

So today, unsuspectingly, I go in to work to find that I have a job evaluation meeting.
I have worked all week on the freaking Homer paper and still have come up with next to nothing, and all the books I really want aren’t around, so I’m going to have to use a load of journal articles and make a bunch of stuff up. I am so not excited.
On my way home for break, I was held up by about 100 marathon runners, doing their level best not to leave enough room between them for my car to get through.
Paulina called in sick, and so I will have to do the running back and forth between cafe and everywhere else, and the big guy is closing, so I’ll be expected to do everything at once as if I were some sort of Superwoman.
I have not properly finished my Greek homework in so long that I feel like I might be some sort of fraud.

I really hate . . . (what day of the week is this?) Thursdays.


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