disturbing discovery

is it ever possible to know that you share (or still have displayed) ridiculously little on your blog and still feel taken aback when you realize that other people can find it with unnervingly little effort? hmm. i should have gone for a more confusing site name.

it’s just disconcerting. a common feeling of the last week.

in other news, typhoid mary has as of yet claimed no victims, and i feel fine.

back to work.

*edit later*
i like other people’s brains. i like other people’s brains who know completely different things than me. it’s fascinating. like . . . naomi knows technical linguistic terms. my sister mel can do cool (sort of) waste water treatment tests that have to do with chemistry. jaq’s, which can dig and test soil samples.

i just like other people’s brains. it gets boring in my head day after day, and i like to live vicariously in other people’s knowledge.


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