So I just realized that school does not start for another week, and what am I doing? Homework. What is wrong with this picture? Puh-lease. I mean, here, I have this whole week to do crazy stuff like . . . read for fun, and I even have books in the house for me to read, and what am I doing? Reading A New Companion to Homer in all its $250 glory – from the library, of course. And I’m taking extensive reading notes, something I never do except at the beginning of semesters. Ever. I somehow doubt that this is going to last even till school starts. I have, however, also made the effort to write some people I should have written more often last semester, and I’ve cleaned my closet (not that it really needed it,) and today maybe I’ll do the kitchen. We’ll see.

Alright. Helper Monkey and I are going to move on to brighter pastures. Kitchen cupboards.


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