and for my next trick . . . .

I will slay the next idiot that asks a question.

I worked for eight hours of holiday hell. Is this really a season of joy? Why is that?
Don’t worry, no one at work even thought I was disgruntled. :-p Suckers. They think that because I’m still smiling I’m not thinking of crazy ways to evacauate the store and order out pizza to eat all over the books. Mess and destruction.

I love Gina. Today she is gone, and I miss her already. :-) It was like everything I loved about having a roommate . . . and now it’s gone. Sigh. But I have an adorable Christmas tree and snowman from her, and cute socks for finals week . . . ;-)

I figured out how to convert my WAV files on my computer, and now I get to burn sweet CDs with ALL the songs I wanted on them . . . yayness. Buff, you might actually see that “Definitive I Am Over Him Cd” before you’re drooling in an old folks home. Well, maybe. Don’t get your hopes up.

I meant to post this Saturday night, but it didn’t happen, because I went home . . . so here it is, two days later. I’m listening to Daniel Beddingfield and pretending to do serious homework. Which translates to, it’s 2:30 and I haven’t started yet.


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