wait for it . . .

I only have two more classes and one more final. And the nice part about the classes is that I don’t actually have to do anything, just have to sit there and look pretty. Which apparently isn’t that hard for me.

Got some new jeans yesterday. Have to go back this afternoon and exchange one pair but even that is good. It’s always good to know exactly what you want. And then to get talked into stuff by the salesgirl. Who was good, but not good enough. Dutchness and penny-pinching prevailed.

Also have to pick up little something for gift exchange tonight. I meant to yesterday, but it totally slipped my mind. I made cookies yesterday though, and today I’ll make Crackles. I also cleaned up the house, so everything will be nice for large group of crazy girls. I should probably pick up more eggnog, too, since we appear to have drank most of it, just Gina and I.

Gina is staying with me, sleeping on my couch. It’s like all the best things about having a roommate without any of the irritations. We avoid homework together. We wrote out Christmas cards. We made the cookies. We went to the mall.

It’s actually kind of nice to have someone around. Which is weird. :-D I’ll be sad when she transfers next semester.

Alright. Really I should do something productive.


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