it’s 3am i must be going

seneca is a terrible guy. he talks and talks and talks, and yet my paper is only 3.5 pages long, and i really want 4.3 or so. blahness. maybe i’ll give up. it’s ridiculously early and i have to work in just a few hours. blahness. maybe i’ll go home tomorrow night . . . deanna should come over too, and we can all chit-chat and eat and watch movies and study like next week isn’t the last week of class.

i think that i might be insane. last night in the middle of the night i woke up and checked the couch to make sure that no one had come in in the night to sleep there (and that was the normal part, because one of my girls actually has slept there a couple of times) and to wonder when in the night i sold the slot-machine/washer that was sitting in front of my bedroom mirror. and i was seriously puzzled about it.

have drunk so much coffee but still cannot keep open eyes. perhaps will try in a few hours. want to finish this paper so very badly. then i can get to studying for my greek final which is in a week and a half. i know it’s nerdy, but if i study it enough, i won’t have to study right before and i will have time for my girls and possible other socialization that has presented itself.

i’m so tired. they offered me an extra hour at work and i turned it down. part of that was the thrill of finding a paycheck waiting that i didn’t think i had. i picked up two only like two weeks ago. i must have missed one when i was in there. weird.

money. makes the world go round. right now, i’m so tired the room goes round. so i’m going to bed. oder, ich bin zu Schlafen gegangen. oh, wait, that’s the past tense. ich gehe zu Schlafen.
that’s better.


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