Too much too late

So I totally should have posted this before you heard it from everyone else, but the new Harry Potter movie was BRILLIANT!!! I loved every minute.

Part of it was that every minute I spent watching it was carved out of my allotted homework time and meant that I was procrastinating like junior year all over again. Part of it was that I saw it with some cool Borders people who didn’t mind my thrashing around a lot and laughing like a hyena whenever Gred and Feorge opened their mouths. (At the risk, or likelihood, or certainty that I will sound juvenile, I heart the twins (hey, if in doubt, make sure it’s juvenile, so that people can laugh at you more freely)) Thirdly, it was WAY past my bedtime, and I’m always slightly loopy. Yayness.

So much goodness in one package.
Neville, Ron asking Fleur to the Ball, Hermione’s rage, Snape’s cameo . . .
Lovely. Lovely.

And I hear they’ve casted Umbridge. A woman after my own heart.
Bring it.


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