Victims of fun

Grrness. I very nearly lost my keys, left them in the German reading room, by accident. What a mess. :-) Mostly the fact that I was in a living language’s reading room at all. I was sucking up to the TA from the dark place, who was called “Fat Nazi Cow” in the hallway before class today. I hope my students don’t ever hate me that much. *shiver*

I’m baking bread, on my day off, which really isn’t a day off so much as a do-homework-till-it-comes-out-your-ears-day. :-D I feel very relaxed right now, which is new and different. Home was nice last night. I got to talk to Rueben when he called, and Deanna and I got to spend some time doing homework together. And Mom had made blueberry muffins. It was a little weird to wake up in a different room, but at the same time, it’s kind of understandable, since home isn’t really home anymore.

I have so much German homework I think that I might start dreaming in German. Next, chapter 6, our last before the final . . . . !!!!! So close, freedom, I can almost taste it.

Oh my, starry-eyed surprise. I miss the days when Ember had a music taste that rivaled Baskin-Robbins 32 flavors. *L*!

P.S. I find it funny when people quote themselves in their profiles, a sentiment I believe I stole from Andi’s profile, in which she quoted herself. However, I find it HILARIOUS when the only thing in your profile is yourself yapping away. *giggle*


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