got a note from bex today. i’m glad she got my birthday card to her. i don’t think it was on the right day. i tried. it was funny, she sent me a happy birthday card with the birth scratched out and camel written in, and i sent her a happy camel day card with the camel scratched out and birthday written in. and don’t ask where i got the camel day card, they’re an exclusive company.

i love bex.
i love tins.
i really wish that i could carry some of their burdens for them.
sometimes i just don’t understand what He’s thinking.

i’m scared. that weird, stone in your stomach feeling.

today was a weird surreal day. you know, the kind of day that someone ims you with news you find so unbelievable (and yet so not) that you really think they’re joking for a full five minutes. but who would make something like that up. sigh.
deanna’s observation went well, though. and it’s over. those devil fourth graders are free to terrorize her for another quarter. seriously, she has a rotten class. i worry about that girl.
do you ever just mourn for someone else who has ruined their life? or at least severely screwed it up? innocence.

all of this is so non-sequitur, sometimes i wonder if i’m not on something. i like to call it lack of sleep. love from me.


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