thoughts in code

Three more hours at work after this break.
Work is always interesting, but I think it’s starting to be “holiday business” – AUGH!! Never work retail at holidays, people are meaner, dumber, and all around more weird. I spent like fifteen minutes trying to find these books that the computer says we have, but I can’t find . . . only to discover:
Four cat books shelved in the dog section.
Seriously, folks. As Quigs would say: Who DOES that? On another note, I had an interesting discussion about why we have Saturdays at all, and why:
Seven days is the normal week.
Is eight too long? Six too short? Does anybody know. I would guess it was really God’s call, back in Genesis. Interesting. But that doesn’t really fly as a reason at work, although I brought it up, as the biblical account. :-D
‘Kay. Leaving now. Loves!!!


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