How’s about a Camel Day?

I think it’s about time for a random holiday. I hereby proclaim October 10th to be a Happy Camel Day. Need I remind you all what the proper response to “Happy Camel Day!” is? Fine, but just this once: “May a llama spit in your eye.” Careful, llamas and camels are rather similar, but they must be used ONLY in their respective parts of the holiday greeting – do NOT mix and match, it is considered extremely rude and somewhat sacreligious by Camel Holiday-goers worldwide.

That said, I recharged my supply of cough drops. It’s really more like a pack a day habit at this point. This can’t be good for my teeth. I also wrote a 250 letter in German and translated 115 lines of Thucydides. Also wrote out two birthday greetings letters, a thank-you, and a jump-start encouragement note for a friend. House is clean, although only jeans got laundered (I shall do that tomorrow) – I rewrote the wall calendar and scrubbed out the tub as well.

Why so motivated, you ask? Well, the answer is complicated . . .


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