Coral-speak . . . ish

What I say vs. what I mean.

I say: I haven’t talked to a friend all day.
I mean: I talked through class and now have no idea what the assignment for tomorrow/next week is.

I say: I have no food in this house.
I mean: I ran out of ice-cream.

I say: All my dishes are dirty in the sink.
I mean: I can’t find a clean spoon to devour the ice-cream.

I say: I haven’t got my homework done.
I mean: I’m only two days ahead, not three.

I say: I’m tired.
I mean: I feel like I’m in one of those military sleep deprivation studies. Do people really die from lack of sleep?

Just thought some of y’all could use a refresher course. :-D Sorry I’m so spastic these days. I have far too many things that I care about, and only 24 hours in each day.


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