Autumn Rain

Today I am content.
I’m very frazzled, because I have realized that what is expected of me by my department is currently unattainable. I am content, because I realized that they are paying me to be what I am, and cannot require more of me.

I miss Tinsley today. Heya Andrea!
I’ve been thinking about you and teaching and how overwhelmed/happy/confused you must feel. I love you. I miss your no-nonsense approach to things. I miss your frustration with my emotionalness. I miss the way your room smelled, your mom’s cooking, stories about Aunt Bernice. I saw someone wearing a shirt for a school called something Bernice today, and my brain read Ber’-nis, and I laughed, because here, it’s Ber-nees’. I miss the sight of you and Bex huddled together late at night studying. I miss coming into Bex and Stace’s room to find you two (and whoever else was around) asleep on the bed in a pile.
I hope you’re doing alright. I love you.


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