Constant Flux

My sister and my mom and I had a discussion this afternoon about the separation of the physical brain and the non-physical soul. It was very informative, naturally. Next week, when we K. women do our lecture series around the midwest (yes, Emy will be joining us too) you should come. Maybe we’ll charge admission to help pay for Mel’s and my school bills . . .

Today had some serious bright spots (the best of which I shall selfishly keep to myself) that included getting to drive partway home with Mel tonight. Never better than when I get to hear about her crazy professors, which seem much worse than mine . . . and hey, Classics departments don’t believe in 3 hour labs . . .

But now I’m going to steal a few minutes with a book that isn’t in any foreign language, dead or otherwise, before I fall into my restless slumbers.

And in case you are wondering, here are the two crazy faces of the better looking two-thirds of those crazy K. girls: Ember (l) and Melody (r, naturally, because Emy is on the left.)


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