Mirabile dictu!

I finished the homework I’d been putting off!! Woohoo for me, because I, as I told Emily H. last night, am a “quick learn.” So much for vocabulary and articulateness. I stayed up late last night and got up early this morning, and I essentially pounded Seneca.

Seneca in 90 minutes a day . . . or not really.
There wasn’t really anything startlingly beautiful in this passage, besides his usual pithy comments about wealth and poverty and Stoicism. He couldn’t have been a very good Stoic, because I’ve read some of his letters after losing friends . . . okay, so none of you are interested in this, so I’ll shut up.

I’m headed off to take a German test. Why am I not studying for it right now, you ask? I’m really not sure. I just am that relaxed about this German class – I strongly suspect our TA is just trying desperately not to have to fail anyone, so I figure minimum effort should get me an A. It’s an easy class, but irritately inane. Das ist ein Bar! Welche Farbe hat ein Bar? Ein Bar est braun. At least we’ve gotten past constant re-introducing of ourselves in German: Ich heiBe Coral. Wie heiBen Sie?

Maybe from now on I’ll only give my posts foreign titles . . . hmm . . .


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