A pox . . .

on this huge school.
Wisconsin Madison is gi-normous. I get out of class each day and nearly get mobbed by the crazy lot of idiots driving their mopeds, weaving on and off the sidewalk, dodging buses . . .
Today I printed something off in the computer lab. I am so proud of me. It only took two tries and Andi pointing out what I was doing wrong . . . who knew that my computer was named Legolas (yes, girls, I hear the irony, and no, my hair is still better than his) and that my print job would come up on the que under some random elf-character’s moniker. Talk about strange.

I’m going to flop in class today. I went out with the kids from work last night, but it wasn’t really instead of doing homework . . . I wouldn’t have done the homework anyway. But now today I have a buttload of stuff to do this afternoon, and no hope of finishing it all before work. Curses.

So this new life of mine is overwhelming. All this responsibility and no time to process it in.
Thank goodness for people like Andi, who don’t mind that I’m public university illiterate. :-)
Till next time . . .


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