Starting Over

I don’t remember my first day of class at Asbury very clearly.
There were a lot of other things going on, and all the first days of all the other semesters rush in and muddle in, adding dimensions never intended for memory.

Today is my first day of class for my Masters.
I’m sitting here, looking at some of the remains of girl’s night . . . the pineapple in particular, I think I’m going to have to throw away, because I didn’t put it away and it’s brown now.
But last night was good – pina coladas with the Women of Borders. It was nice to sit around and chat, and it was good to feel like everyone liked coming over.

Apparently next week is at my house, again. :-) I think that’s just the art of hospitality they’re responding to . . . also known as fresh cookies, pina coladas, popcorn and Fanta from Kylee. I really like having people over. Ariel was the last to leave, around 1:30, but I was kind of sad to see her go, because I felt like we were connecting for the first time.

And today is class . . . I’m not sick to my stomach at all. Of course, the only thing I’ve ingested is toothpaste, which is a little hard to get sick on. The Killers, Smile Like You Mean It is on, and it’s a beautiful day. I can feel the sunburn from yesterday by the lake, but it’s not terrible, more just uncomfortable. Funny that I go all the way to Virginia Beach and return non-brown, but I manage to get a sunburn the day before school starts in Madison. *L* There’s my life, the irony . . .

So today I start my day with a mantra from my beloved Cori:
I’m bold. I’m beautiful. And gosh darn it, people LOVE me!


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