Clean Laundry

There is a load of clean laundry in basket on my living room floor. Okay, so it’s probably two loads, but I did it all in one big toss . . . so much for sorting. My desk is covered with old mail that I haven’t sorted properly. I washed all the dishes in my kitchen . . . except those that are sitting dirty in the back of my car, so much for cooking at the convent. My table is covered in calligraphy and inky rags. There is a whole stack of last week clean clothes is still on my hassock. There are two different dirty towels – one on the back of my bathroom door, and one on the top of my bedroom door.

Next week I start book floor work in earnest. I’m excited. I turn 22 on Wednesday, I can’t wait! I go to Virginia Beach on Thursday . . . so many emotions.

Need to take out the garbage tomorrow. Need to check on the bus schedule. Need to send the electric check. Need to find the Madison church to go to . . .

Blah. So much to do and so much headache.

Lil sis is puffy and sore from losing the wisdom teeth. She looks more miserable than I was when I lost mine . . . but that’s prolly because they took 2 from me, and 4 from her. She is really sore. Poor kid.

Soon and very soon. The pit of my stomach feels nervous, and I’m not sure why.


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