Vignettes on Deep Thoughts

So I realized late last night, or early this morning, really, that alone is a state of mind.

Perkins may not be the life’s most impressive establishment of learning, but it works for me. I never was much one for traditional learning establishments anyway. Which may be part of the reason that I realized that there is hope. All it took was one heartfelt, honest statement and it hit me. Trust is the key. That deep, heart-to-heart friendship is simply a matter of trusting one another.

Trusting that you are willing to listen to childish thoughts, because you realize that childish thoughts are sometimes the most mature wisdom you can recieve – that’s togetherness. That’s friendship.

And that death doesn’t break trust. Being there for the end and new beginning is a form of keeping it.

. . . and there are still other people out there trusting you.


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