So today I discovered that my friends still sometimes feel it necessary to hedge me with their own forms of protection and love. Making sure that some of the last year doesn’t creep in and attack me when I least expect it, making sure that others who care don’t end up saying something they regret. I was surprisingly heartened by this. Having someone else make a gesture that shows, in their way, that they remember that it still hurts, that shredded hearts don’t return to whole overnight – it makes being lonely a little less isolated. Thank you, Maria.

Work is getting easier. I know what I’m doing, I know what is expected of me . . . and I know when I’m getting out of the Cafe – middle of August, baby!!! Nevermore, quoth the Raven, unquoth. Not that it will ever actually be nevermore, just maybe that it will be fewer and farther between the customers asking why I can’t make powdered Chai with Soy . . . people wanting to know the difference between the sugar-free Mocha and the regular Mocha . . . little girls wanting to know what espresso is . . . pompous business men demanding I make their Starbucks regular drink, without so much as an explanation . . . You’d think I’d get all nostalgic, leaving all that behind, but nach. Not this coffee girl.

I made bread today without melting anything. What? I didn’t share that story with you? Hmm. Well. It was an embarrassing incident, involving a hot stove vent and my favorite Tupperware bowl full of bread dough . . . from here it gets to be fuzzy, so much trauma! Blue plastic, holes, ruined dough, oil on the floor . . .
Anyway. I did make bread today without bowl incident, but unfortunately I killed my yeast with an accidental overdose of salt. But it did look pretty . . . pretty flat. Nevertheless, I will prevail . . . eventually. So tomorrow, it is yet another attempt. This one is going to work . . . I think.

But I’m going to go now. Love to those of you who leave comments, the curse of the Mummy on the rest of you.


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