Bringing Us Together?

Driving home today, from my parents, I saw a girl on the horizon, walking along the road. She wasn’t looking where she was going because she was busy, reading the Half-Blood Prince. Everyone is consumed.
I am savoring my copy, because it is so rare that I read a book that I don’t know the end of. I mean . . . I know the end – another crushing or semi-crushing defeat for Voldemort, and Harry gains respect and hopefully, this time around, love. But I’m still surprised by some of the twists and new characters. So I’m reading slowly, even though I have had every chance to finish it. I’m learning that anticipation is a good bit of the pleasure. And when I’m done with this book, what will I read next?

My ’91 Cavy, little Fhqwhgads, recieved new shocks today, for the which she is eternally grateful. Or, maybe not eternally, but hopefully for at least a few years. Memories . . .
I told my dad today that without him I wouuld be driving a much newer car. Which made me laugh, because I didn’t mean that so much as I meant that I would be in debt for a newer car, so poorer.

In closing: What doesn’t kill you makes you more miserable.


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