5 Things I Did Today:

  • Ate an entire package of Watermelon Bubblicious. (Yes, I do that.)
  • Made 50 million (and I don’t even think I’m exaggerating) Oreo Javakulas.
  • Put my pictures of Africa in a photo album.
  • Found out that “people respond well” to me, from an unexpected person.
  • Made a grocery list.

Today a customer, when handed his receipt, gave me an entirely blank look.  “What is this for?” “It’s your receipt.” “Oh.  What is it for?”

Had weird dreams again last night.  Almost like being back on Larium.

Our coffee machine at work stuck today.  The spring loaded prongs on the coffee warmer were sticking.  I unscrewed the little tab and unstuck it, but I couldn’t get it entirely apart to grease it without undoing the electrical wires, so I was forced to put it back together and call a repair man.  He showed up about an hour later, a chatty man in his late forties, who did exactly what I did and then promptly explained to me the intricacies of “food product grease,” while I searched the kitchen looking for something that I remembered seeing there about 6 weeks ago while we were in training.  Do you ever find it frustrating when someone charges $30 an hour for something that you could have done yourself, if you’d only had permission?

Have discovered I am growing old.

Tomorrow, I am going to make some food.  For real, this time.  I’m starving.
Guacomale . . . cookies . . . maybe some cin. rolls . . .


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