All in a Day’s Work

I had a vision today. Or apparition, more like. I am standing at the cafe counter surveying my kingdom of travel books & magazines, when a head appears howering over the last row. Okay, so it wasn’t a floating head, per se, it was just an overly tall person. A familiar overly tall person, who whould have been in Kenya – Koby? Is that you? For that horrified split second, I was terrified. What have I done? Why is ManHands following me? – and then I realized that it couldn’t be real, & this was ridiculous. So I did what any sane person would do – I ducked behind the counter. As I disappeared, I realized that this particular 40-something face was definitely not Koby’s, and was smiling at me benignly. Some resident directors will haunt you forever, apparently. And I only lived in her building for 7 semesters.

So I talked to the hypothetical Greek grad student today. He made eye contact with me when I gave him his coffee, and then when I asked him what kind of coffee he wanted. When he stood there pondering his four choices (the same four he sees several times a week, if rumor is to be believed) and I smiled mildly. “You can always have a different flavor for your refill.” He smiled back, in a nerdish sort of way, “I suppose that is true. In that case . . . ” When he came back for his refill, he took his ear phones out of his ears to ponder once again the list. I smiled again. “I guess that my last cup was satisfactory to my taste” he says half to me (by the way, who says that?), and hands me his cup to be refilled, in a shy sort of way.
Great. We could easily be a whole department of social rejects. Good times.

Am watching Citizen Kane, very confused . . . will this make sense at the end? Weird. Course, what do you expect from Orson Wells. Nothing less than weirdness, I guess.

All right kids. That’s all for now. Leave some love.


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