Getting another degree . . .

So I think I saw one today. You know, the elusive, secretive and hermitic species known as the classics grad student. He was absorbed in French homework, looking frazzled and a little sleep-deprived. Always a good sign. He also was socially inept, and bumbling.

Management would like you to know that they are not actually prejudiced against the classics grad student, they are just following typical warning signs as identification. Thank you.

I also registered for classes. I didn’t get into one of the ones I wanted, but I e-mailed the professor and am hoping that some earlier convos will morph into an extra space. As it stands I’m in German, ProSem (something about Research and Methods, always a good start to a promising grad career,) Thucydides (I hate historians. Sigh.), and Latin Survey. I’m hoping to back out of that last one and get into Roman Elegy, which is Seneca’s letters. I read a lot of those last year, and would be right on track. Theoretically. Or something like that.

Am considering wasting money tomorrow to see Howl’s Moving Castle. Have to count up those extra quarters and see if that’s in the budget. Good clean fun. (Most of my good clean fun these days is from the library. :-) Nothing gooder or cleaner, folks. And if you return stuff on time, which I’m not always good at . . . you won’t pay a cent.)

Still in the middle of Christopher Fry. Entertaining and very clever, but plays are inevitably hard to read. Have been somewhat stunned by my disappointment with Keatley-Snyder and am somewhat reader apathetic.

Pray for the brother. He started boot on the 8th, and has a sinus infection and bronchitus.


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