Madison life

Finished reading Howl . . . last night refreshed an old friendship with Zilpha Keatley Snyder (do you think that’s a real name? I can’t imagine that would be anything someone would name their child . . . ) by reading The Velvet Room. When I was younger, I loved that book . . . it just wasn’t what I remembered though. I found that very sad.

However, I did start The Lady’s Not For Burning, by Christopher Fry. Really, really, really funny.
Men are strange. It’s almost unexpected
To find they speak English. Do you think so too?

Nicholas, you always think
You can do things better than your mother. You can be sure
You were born quite adequately on the first occasion.

Other than that . . . there’s not much going on in 107 J world . . .
I don’t do much other than read. I work a lot . . . which will pay off, I’m determined it will . . . three more days till I register for classes . . . Master’s degree, here I come . . .

Rumor has it I’m to have house guests in 10 days or so too . . . that could be interesting.

‘kay. I’m going to go make cookies before work. Yay!


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