Okay, so the temptation is just too great . . . a little thought about cookie Christians.

I don’t mean “cookie cutter Christians,” as if there’s a group of people out there who think we need to be mirror images not just of Christ but also of each other . . . I mean Christians who persist in viewing the Christian life as some sort of cookie.

All sorts of different ingredients went into the making of you.  Sweet things, of course, chocolate and sugar . . . but parts of you had to be broken in order to be used, like eggs.  You have to go through the fire to get to the end result.

Life isn’t like that.  At all. Stop dumming it down.  It’s not that simple, or sweet, or INANE!! The Christian walk is ALL uphill.  It’s broken glass, and blood, and tears.  It’s being too weak to walk except for the support of God’s messengers – rejects, druggies, homosexuals.  People who profane His name are not immune to His use.  I think you can safely classify Potiphar’s wife in the meretrix *cough*ladyofthenight*cough* category, and yet God’s plan included her sin.  People have been housed by the prostitutes, the crippled in spirit.

The Christian walk is hurting more with every breath you take.  It’s the struggle to decide where your aching foot should rest next.  It’s the constant struggle for a perfection which is unattainable in this place.

Stop telling these kids to try to understand the pain they’re going through. Tell them to get up off their lazy rears and pay attention to someone else for a change.  Tell them to try to understand the heroine baby’s pain.  The girl next door who is in love with girlfriend but scared to tell her.  The snivelling drunk  kid who is only funny in the first stages of inebriation.  The girl who lost her virginity to a boy who doesn’t even glance at her in the school halls anymore, whose heart is broken.

Tell these kids to stop thinking about their pitiful worm-eaten selves for ten blasted seconds.  Tell them to stop spending all their blessed time trying get whatever attention they feel they need to “feel better about themselves.”  Tell them to buck up and muscle some of their own problems.  Radar knows the real world gets to.  Stop thinking about how lonely you are, what relationships you want, how rainy it is outside.  What have you done TODAY that would make someone else’s life better?  What about someone who isn’t a Christian?  What have you done that would suggest to them that He loves you beyond all understanding?  It’s not about all this preaching lateda they keep pounding in you, it’s about real life.  It’s about finding time to return someone’s calls because they need a ride home from a party.  It’s NOT about you.

Stop focusing on your oven experiences and your bright gifts of chocolate that you so glibly offer the world.  What the world needs is your sacrifice, of time and energy and focus.  And kiddos, that means pain.

Grow up and think about how someone else feels, FOR REAL.  Not just a brief  “Yeah, I guess that would make me upset too . . .”  – a real, heartfelt empathy.  Reach out to the world.  It has long stopped looking to Christians for support and comfort, and for that, we have only ourselves to blame.


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