Book Suggestion

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact of Christianity on culture. I mean, it sort of relates to what I study, in that I find it fascinating to see how the ancient world changed after the first initial burst of Christianity, but I’ve been thinking about it lately a lot in terms of our own world.

My friends Todd and Guinever and I were talking about the possibility of their four-year-old son Caleb being a model for make-up artists who desire to create realistic bruises. (Trust me, this kid always has a green and purple lump, and he and I get no end of fun out of discussing the next color that day’s particular lump might turn. Although, as he reminded me the other day, white is the best color, because that’s the color of the rest of him. :-) Back to the real point . . . ) Their son Alex, who is six, misunderstood the conversation and piped in with “You mean Caleb’s going to be in a movie?” I replied rather vehemently that I seriously hoped not, and that I would be disappointed if he ended up in such a God-less industry. Well, topics changed around, and we got to discussing this book that I would like to recommend, Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, and how she says that Christians need to be more aware of their potential to change culture around us in dramatic ways. Todd was agreeing with me and then he pointed out that my reaction to Caleb being in the movies was wrong in that way, and that I should be all for a Christian moving into a God-less void and shedding light in a dark place. An interesting thought.

I am still against Caleb being a movie star, as it seems to me that there is a decided lack of opportunity to put down solid roots in a industry demanding as much travel as anything in entertainment, but I think Todd was right. We should be willing to stand in the darkest parts of the world and be Christians. And I think that that relates to my life in that I don’t know that I want to teach Greek and Latin at a Christian school. It seems to me that young people are being drawn into ancient culture in a sort of second Renaissance, reveling in the darkness that was ancient religion. I think that there is a great opportunity in my field to reach out to lost and searching kids, and show them how the depravity of the ancients was the soil out of which God chose to bring His church.

But I get ridiculously off-topic. I really just wanted to say that this book, by Nancy Pearcey, is a must-read. It has so many good and relevant things to say about Christianity and its complacence. In the book, Ms. Pearcey raises questions about why we have been so willing to impact only a small portion of our full potential.


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