So I woke up this morning at my sister’s.  (Yes, that was intentional.)

But what was not intentional was the fact that my favorite blue pen had been open for nearly 24 hours . . . against the leg of my favorite Silver jeans . . .

My Silvers now have a great turquoise blotch on the bottom of the left leg, with bleeding over onto a spot at the bottom of the right leg, and a little patch on the back of the bottom of the left . . .

What does one do in a situation like this?  Blast.   I love those jeans.  (And they were expensive, too . . . )  I’ll take them home to mom . . . maybe she can fix them.

I don’t think I’ll go back to school.  That just sounds like it will suck a little too much.  I’ll just stay here and move into that apartment of mine . . . looking over the soccer fields behind the UW Madison Medical facilities. 

But I’ll still have to wear turquoise jeans.  Blast.


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