my wisdom

Things I know better than you:

The girl in the flowy dress in chapel was dum.  (I hope she’s not reading this . . . the moves looked like Napoleon in the Happy Hands club.)

Get off your butt and help someone else.  The stuff you tell other people is
because you care about them is really only about you.  What could we each do today that really is selfless?  That really does give us no recognition while lifting them up?  Do one thing today that requires you to do something good for someone else without them knowing it was you.  Stop thinking for two seconds about how it makes you feel and think about how it makes them feel.  No one of us  understands the people around us the way that they should.  So stop trying to pretend that you do, and do something selfless instead.

One last note.  The ides of March . . . they weren’t the kicker the ides of November were.  Four months.  My life is measured in days, minutes, hours, seconds since that one.  Every step I take is one step further . . .


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