how i feel

To make clear what was not:
This is not bashing anyone.  It is simply a statement of my feelings at this time.

Coral signing in to say a little something about Valentines Day.  (I know, I’m late, what’s new.)

So I’ve been hearing rumors about how people who dislike VD (okay, just think about the initials . . . why do people like this day?) are “nuts” – the insinuation being that we are just immature and uncomfortable with where God has placed us.  We should be comfortable with who we are, comfortable with those relationships we ARE in, and not worry about where we aren’t.

Okay, so big news, I am comfortable with where I am and and whom I’m not with.  I still didn’t really enjoy Valentine’s Day.  I really don’t think it’s immaturity, either.  It quite simply is this: my life just is miserable right now.  The whole year has been miserable, Valentine’s Day really wasn’t special. Sure, it’s harder than usual to watch everyone get notes from the people they love the most and know that one of my nearest and dearest isn’t here to send or recieve notes from.  If that’s immaturity, so be it.  I really don’t think it is.  This isn’t about singleness, Katie, it’s about loneliness.  A different feeling entirely.

So to the people I do love: Soon!!
Melody, I miss you all the time . . . I’m coming home in 30 days!! This time I’ll have to visit the apartment.  I can’t wait.


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