I wonder if I’m allowed to feel.
I’m sorry if I’m not.
(who died and made you lord of emotions?)

You spend so much time hating everyone around you – do you ever notice how lonely that makes you?

Apparently the only people God wants you to love are the ones you feel like loving.  That must be complicated.

If you are so vehement about the Asbury stereotypical hypocrite, why are you one?

mel – yeah, yeah, yeah! I heard that song the other day and I miss you.  I hope you’re feeling better.  Did you get your “package”?

swodaem yram, rmbmeer taht i slitl lvoe you, rreagdlses of erevytinhg.  Can you read that?  Weird.
jess and risa, may you sleep.  know that i’m awake praying for you. 
kasey.  blessings, girl.  blessings.
bec, you are funnier than ever, and i love you.

And I have a test this afternoon that I should be studying for.  Love.


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